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1977 MV Agusta 800ss
Make:MV Agusta
Mileage:8695 Km (5367 Miles)
Number of Owners:4
Location:United States of America
Engine Number:221-0438
Frame Number:221-0314
Poor (1)Excellent (5)
Condition Overall:
Condition of Engine:
Condition of Transmission:
Condition of Paintwork:
Condition of Alloy:
Condition of Chrome:
Condition of Electrics:
Condition of Plastic:
Condition of Tyres:
History:The bike was first registered on 03/31/1978. In 1978 the first owner was the company Max Moritz GMBH from Reutlingen Germany. Max Moritz is a very famous name and they had the GERMEISTER racing team. In 1977/1978 they raced the Porsche 935/77 Turbo. In 1988 the son Klaus Moritz became the owner. The original German registration papers that come with the bike show all the registration stamps. The owner stopped the registration nearly every year to save money on tax.his is also very important because it shows that they have used the bike very little which the quality of the bike very high. In 2003 there was only one owner Mr. Bodo Bartkowiak who sold the bike to Mr. Rolf Elzer in Kiel who is small collector. The last owner was Dominik Ellenrieder who is a very big collector. Max Moritz is the most important of the owners.
Price in US$:105000 (90300 euros) (80850 pounds) (11691750 yen)

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