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1973 MV Agusta Magni
Make:MV Agusta
Mileage:3163 Km (1952 Miles)
Number of Owners:2
Location:New Zealand
Engine Number:214-0547
Frame Number:214-0353
Poor (1)Excellent (5)
Condition Overall:
Modifications:Magni chain drive
History:I have owned this bike since around 1985. I was sold to me by established UK motorcycle dealer - Verrules of Tooting as having been built by an ex MV Works mechanic. It has the full Magni frame, chain drive with Forcelle Italia adjustable forks and magnesium ‘off road’ wheels. The engine has the 860cc sand cast Magni barrels with optional race cams. It is incredibly quick and incredibly noisy. It has engine number 214-0547 and frame number 214-0353. MV Factory records confirm that it was manufactured in 09/07/73 and sold in 16/07/73 to Piet Van Dijk Olanda in Holland. I bought it from Piet – so am the second owner. I have a copy of the original registration documents and letters from the Dutch Vehicle Registration Dept. - evidencing it being first registered on the 12th July 1973 - and the Declaration document confirming its export from the Netherlands. It has a recorded mileage of 3163 Km - which I believe to be correct The bike was taken out of hibernation by Ex World Champion Mike Hailwood’s Ducati Race Mechanic who spent an enormous amount of time carefully un- seizing carburettor slides and generally circulating the oiling of the engine before starting. The carburettors have been totally rebuilt using all new parts. Brake and hydraulic seals have been replaced. It is in very good general overall original condition both mechanically and cosmetically. There is the short U-tube video evidencing its running. Copy the link and paste it into your browser. v=pKlPt2bFcKs&
Price in US$:75000 (64500 euros) (57750 pounds) (8351250 yen)

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