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1973 MV Agusta Hansen/Schneider
Make:MV Agusta
Number of Owners:2
Location:New Zealand
Engine Number:214-0515
Frame Number:None
Poor (1)Excellent (5)
Condition Overall:
Condition of Engine:
Condition of Transmission:
Condition of Paintwork:
Condition of Alloy:
Condition of Chrome:
Condition of Electrics:
Condition of Plastic:
Condition of Tyres:
History:This MV Augusta was sold to me circa 1990 by established UK motorcycle dealer - Verrules of Tooting as a formulae 750 production racer – but no further information has been available. The frame is full Magni – but with no frame number. Giovanni Magni and MV records held by Kay family both confirm that:- Engine number 214-0515 sold 23/07/74 to Roland Schneider of Baden Baden. Roland was the development engineer for Hansen who had been the main MV dealers for Germany. They acquired the MV Augusta morcycle manufacturing rights from the MV Factory around mid 1970. Roland, working with Magni was responsible for developing the 860cc, the 1000cc, the Cento Valli and many other variants and one-offs to owners specific requirements both in chain drive variants and shaft drive. Giovanni has also confirmed that, although there is no frame number, the rear fork with eccentric chain adjusters show this to be one of their later frames. He also confirmed that they sold a ‘great number’ of these frames with chain drive to the Hansen/Schneider set up – which became their ‘production’ bikes. This would have allowed private production racing with the much more efficient chain drive that was formerly denied to the MV Factory whose production bikes were shaft drive. The bike is extremely well and expensively built using high tensile aluminium fixings (bolts) and fittings (foot pedals, brakes) with titanium wheel spindles etc. It is chain drive with Forcelle Italia adjustable front forks, EPM wheels, has fully floating aluminium/ iron coated discs and Brembo callipers with all hydraulic piping in stainless braided Aeroquip. It has a full fairing with headlamp as required for production racing but no turn indicators or sidelights. There is no speedometer nor any provision for one – just a tachometer. The engine is 750cc but with 30mm magnesium carburettors and a 4 into 1 exhaust (‘Schneider’) system that tucks under the engine. The engine has been rebuilt by ex world motorcycle chapion Mike Hailwood’s Ducati race mechanic, with new pistons, cluch plates and numberous other new parts. The entire bike has been totally restored frame up to ‘as new and original’ condition. With the engine confirmed as being despatched to Roland Schneider, with no frame number, no speedometer, no rear lights or indicators and racing exhaust system - it would not have been intended for road use. With the headlamp fitted and the weight saving efforts thereby substantial additional costs, it is reasonable to believe that it was built by the Hansen/Schneider company strictly for ‘off road’ formulae 750 production racing - with no expense spared. There is no record of the engine number after Roland Schneider - nor of any further ownership. Copy this Youtube link and paste it into your browser.
Price in US$:70000 (60200 euros) (53900 pounds) (7794500 yen)

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