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1964 MV Agusta Chicco Scooter 4 speed
Make:MV Agusta
Model:Chicco Scooter 4 speed
Summary:I can assist in shipping.
Number of Owners:1
Location:United States of America
Engine Number:MV81012
Frame Number:MVC 710918
Poor (1)Excellent (5)
Condition Overall:
Modifications:This scooter has been restored to it s original specifications no modifications
Faults:Left side panel lever is broken
History:Hello this is a MV Agusta scooter. The model name is Chicco . This scooter was designed and manufactured by the legendary world champion motorcycle marque MV Agusta. This marque has attained 15 world grand prix motorcycle championships in it s great history. Today MV Agusta is one of the most exquisitely made and expensive motorcycle manufactures today. MV Agusta had made scooters from the late 40 s to the mid 60 s. This model Chicco was one of the last styles of scooter they designed. Cosmopolitan Motors imported only 200 Chiccos in the 60 s. I have had this scooter in my possesion for the last 25 years I finally decided to send it to Italy to be restored to it s original specifications by the renowned historian and restorer Vittorio Tessera of Rodano Italy See Certificate of Restoration . The scooter is a 155cc single cylinder two stroke with an enclosed 4 speed transmisson. The scooter runs perfectly. I have stored the Chicco in house and occassionaly start it. I do not ride this on the roads. If you d like more info call. Thank You Erik 619 946 4927
Date Sold:2008-02-01
Price in US$:7000 (6020 euros) (5390 pounds) (779450 yen)

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