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1972 MV Agusta 350 Bicilindrica
Make:MV Agusta
Model:350 Bicilindrica
Mileage:26000 Km (16049 Miles)
Number of Owners:2
Poor (1)Excellent (5)
Condition Overall:
Modifications:Tomasselli handle bars CEY head light Sport Foot Rest Set Solo Seat Unit Sport Tank Exhaust Recently an electronical Regulator
Faults:Internal and external leaking Dell Orto UB24. Play in the Rear Swing Arm Bushings. Alternator is occasionally without Power. But she is in good hands now and everything will be healed.
History:Originally a GT. The Bike was rebuild in 1991 by the first Owner Sen. Paolo Ugolini to a sporty looking Bike. He drove this Bike until 2000 were he bought a F4. The Bike was sationary for 7 Years until I found it on ebay. I rode the Bike in 2007 in Italy. The Bike is now in Germany. Registration is in Progress.

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