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2003 MV Agusta - Kay 862 Magni
Make:MV Agusta - Kay
Model:862 Magni
Mileage:2620 Km (1617 Miles)
Number of Owners:2
Location:United States of America
Engine Number:221-0467
Frame Number:221-0467
History:This motorcycle was built from a factory 1976 America. The engine was not complete with many parts missing including the Crankcase. The engine was stamped with the same number as the frame not knowing the original factory number as the factory records for 221 America series are not available. The motorcycle was built to the owner s specification i.e: 70mm Bore 56mm stroke 862cc displacement 9mm high lift inlet cams standard MV exhaust. Timing 60-80-70-40 Carbs 30mm Dellorto Pumper carbs Ignition total Advance 44 to 45 degrees.

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