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1974 MV Agusta 750 Sport disco
74 Sport as bought.. test ride day!This is a 1974 Sport but it had an America tank & seat fitted way back in the 1980s. Also has Magni pipes and large carbs. I am leaving the Magni parts on but I have now got the right tank and seat for it.
Make:MV Agusta
Model:750 Sport disco
Summary:Unrestored used bike. This was and is my dream bike and I feel very privileged to have a chance to own one.
Mileage:22000 Km (13580 Miles)
Number of Owners:4
Colour:Red white blue
Location:New Zealand
Poor (1)Excellent (5)
Condition Overall:
Modifications:Magni pipes 30mm carbs. Have now built a half fairing for it based on a mould off the original top part of my factory full fairiing.
Faults:No such thing :
History:Sold new in Italy now here.

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