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1970 MV Agusta MV4C6
Very nice and straight assembly.
Make:MV Agusta
Summary:This is a nice front wheel assembly which I think is from a 1970 or so 600. I spent a few minutes cleaning on it to see how it would clean up and I believe that everything would clean up very nicely except perhaps some of the nipples. The Borrani WM 2-19 Record rim is very nice condition and has no nicks from careless tire changers. The 250mm discs would clean up very nice with perhaps a faint discoloration remaining. This may go away when the brakes were actually used. There is absolutely no wear or grooving of the discs and they are still right at 5mm thickness. Includes axel and nut. 1 000 OBO US shipped to lower 48. International shipping available at actual shipping cost minus 25 US. Please email for additional info or pictures. Thanks FJ
Location:United States of America
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Condition Overall:
Price in US$:1000 (860 euros) (770 pounds) (111350 yen)

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