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Ducati Cameras During WW2 Ducati Optics produced periscopes for submarines but designed their Sogno (Dream) and Simplex half-frame pocket cameras with a view to peacetime production. The cameras were smaller versions of the Leica - equally well made and equally expensive. Few were sold and Ducati soon realised that their future lay in cheap transport rather than luxury cameras.
Ducati Cucciolo The Cucciolo was originally sold by SIATA and built under licence by Ducati but such was the demand for this clipon bicycle engine that Ducati took over the design and went on to produce their first complete motorcycle - a moped.
Ducati Singles - Mariana to 450 Desmo The Milano-Taranto and Moto Giro d'Italia were endurance races held on public roads in the 1950s and success guaranteed sales. Soon after joining Ducati, Taglioni was given the job of designing a 100cc bike to win the Motogiro. His brilliant desmodromic overhead cam design won easily and not only boosted Ducati's sales but was to be the basis of their success over the next 20 years.
Ducati Bevel Twins - 750GT to MHR Mille Ducati's best-loved models. The first 750GT set new standards for handling and smooth torquey performance. Taglioni's 1971 twin was a beautiful and well balanced design which led to a range of sports models which were still in production ten years later. The roundcase 750ss is the most famous following its 1-2 victory over MV at Imola.
Ducati Pantah 500 to F1 750 Although best known for his bevel drive engines Taglioni's greatest triumph was the pantah engine. More powerful, more reliable and more successful on the track. The TT2 brought Ducati their first four world championships.
Ducati Desmodue - 750ss Paso 900ss 907ie Monster The Paso was introduced by Cagiva to broaden Ducati's appeal beyond the pure sports rider. Tamburini's stylish design was a comfortable sports tourer especially in the fuel-injected 907ie form. The Monster created a whole new market for simple bikes that are fun and easy to ride.
Desmoquattro 851 and 888 The first bikes with Massimo Bordi's wonderful 4 valve desmo engine. The bikes that set Ducati on the road to World Superbike domination and set new standards for twin cylinder performance.
Ducati Supermono Bordi designed the Supermono for Sound of Singles Racing. It is still the most advanced single cylinder motorcycle ever produced and the beautiful bodywork by Terblanche enhances its appeal. Use of a slave pivoted weight in place of a piston gave it the same balance as a V twin and allowed it to rev freely and smoothly.
Ducati 916 to 996 Tamburini's 916 was one of the most successful models in Ducati's history and recognised by all as a landmark in motorcycle design. The 916 not only won many World Superbike titles but also the hearts of riders all over the world. In 1994, and for some years afterwards, here was simply nothing else that combined the looks, handling and performance of the 916.
Famous Ducatis Actual bikes that created fame for Ducati. The Siluro World Record breaker. The Apollo V4. Paul Smart's Imola bike. Hailwood's TT-winning 900ss. Tony Rutter's TT2 and other winners.

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