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Date Sold

750s Disc Brake19742140442First sold in Netherlands.
750s America1975221010First sold in USA. Imported from NZ - 2002
750s America1975221059First sold in Netherlands.
125 Sport197521801971intheUK
250 B19702110162intheUSA
750 Sport0214-0442Netherlands
750s America0221-059Netherlands
Monza0221-0608Netherlands converted to racer
750s America221052Cutawaymo
600199042After 199-042 a helical geared primary drive was fitted same ratio and on all engines the drive was between cylinders one and two as on the MV racers - Falloon notes
8321986221-0709Magni 832 in Japan. Is this the highest 221 series engine number?
600199-0134Engine numbers began at 199-001 and ended at 199-0134 although production numbers indicate only 127 600s were built.Falloon
221 750A782210432
6001990138According to the parts list, a new pulley and gaskets were incorporated from 199-0138 but there is no evidence in production records of an engine with this number. Falloon notes.
600199061A different speedometer drive was required to suit each tyre - a 3.50 X 18 inch rear was fitted from 199001-199004, 199008-199027 and from 199061. Falloon notes.
6002140103This engine number appears in two frames. 13 examples between 1971 and 1973 had identical engine and frame numbers. Falloon Notes
750S1972214-0189Now with 21 lower fins instead of 15. Falloon notes
750S1973214-0395Built 30/7/73
750GT1972214-0210Built 15/9/72 Had earlier MV tank and side cover decals. Falloon Notes
750S1974214-0513Built June 1974 Falloon notes
750S1973214-0401All 750 Sport engines with numbers higher than 214-0401 were built after 28/8/73. Falloon Notes
750S America1975221-0627
750S America1975221-089
750S America1975221-088
750S America1977221-080850SS
350 s197521301971
350 s197521301971
Magni 86119782210103UK registered in 18/08/1989
125 tre1958638865
350 Scrambler197121305394 21305676First sold in Australia.
MV AGUSTA 900 Arthuro Magni Cento Vall1978221-0500 221-0519 05191First sold in German. Was sold from MV Agusta in April 1978 to German distributor.It passes to a Japanese collector in 1985.1978-04-01
175 CSTL Disco Volante1956402128.First sold in Italy.
750 Sport0214-0337Netherlands converted to racer
750 Sport0214-0513Netherlands
750s America0221-01490221-0103Netherlands
750s America0221-0215Netherlands
750s America0221-02300221-0242Netherlands
750s America0221-03410221-0257Netherlands
750s America0221-03380221-0337Netherlands
Magni0221-0493Netherlands converted to Magni
Turismo rapido19541110031007291First sold in Spain.
TP 12519556083761105First sold in CH. 1955-07-26
125 carter lungo competizione19501111711068First sold in italy. very rare model1953-09-20
125 Monoalbero1953150028150024
125 Monoalbero1953150167150179Auctioned at Christies in 2000
6001967199007199009First sold in USA. One of two first imported into USA. Appears on cover of Cycle World march 1968
6001967199011199010First sold in USA. One of two first imported into USA. Appears in the handbook.1967-09-08
6001973199-01271990101Only 1973 600 made
6001969199-01041990136Build indicated as 21/7/69. This was the last 600 frame number
6001967199-014199015First sold in Gift. Delivered to King of Italy in exile Vittorio Emanuele de Savoie. A gift from Corrado Agusta - blue in color and still remains in his possession. Falloon notes.
6001968199035199032Converted to Sport/Ex- Surtees1968-02-05
600199051From frame number 199051, Bosch horns were fitted to the crash bar. Falloon note.
6001968199-063199089First sold in Australia. The only non-black 600 mentioned in factory records - delivered as mustard yellow to Kym Boynton,Australia - with Bosch horns - Falloon notes
6001967199125199096First sold in Italy.
Formula 750 Corse 1971AP #1 (Factory Race Engine)199098First sold in Italy. Factory Prototype Race Machine, (Arturo Magni), Believed to be the only pure 750 race frame developed by the factory, Full race engine with Chain drive and no provision for generator or starter,(the
Sella196470949320064:342First sold in Spain. MV Agusta sella 150cc, built under licence by the Avello Company, Gijon Spain
350B Sport1972213 0701213 0723First sold in AdelaideAUS. pointsignitionmodel
350B Sport2130121521301198INAustralia
250B Sport Elettronica19732110151221301703First sold in LondonUK. 1973-01-30
350B19732130203521302035First sold in Philadelphia. Per A Bold this was the first 350 imported to US
350 Sport19752130263718582miles
350B197021304402130388First sold in AustraliaMelbourne. Completely original & showroom condition. 13,808 miles.Slight rust spot size of 20c coin on the under side of the right-hand exhaust tail-pipe. 1970-04-08
GT350b19722130549221305406MVThe bike was bought at auction in Sydney Australia in March 2015 with milage reading 1938.
350 Scrambler19742130560621305715I imported the Scrambler 350 from Italy in March 2008. It is in excellent and original condition.
350 B21307422130735First sold in Australia.
350B Sport Elettronica1972201312952130841
750S1970214-001214-008First sold in GarreauinParis. Built 22 September 1970 Only 9 750 Sports were manufactured in 1970. This was the first one Falloon notes.
750 GT1972214-0261214-0325First sold in MelbourneAustralia.
750 Sport Disc Brake1974214-0482214-0471First sold in Italy. Delivered new to a dealer in Italy, now in New Zealand
750s1974214-0480214-0473630km since restoration to new condition
750s74214-0477214-0480First sold in netherlandsIbelieve. 2nd owner, now in U.S. 23k kilometers, original, unrestored, regular use, no problems...take these things out and thrash them, there durable and and a total blast to the ears...!!!!!
750s74214-0477214-0480First sold in netherlandsIbelieve. 2nd owner, now in U.S. 23k kilometers, original, unrestored,drum brakes, regular use, no problems...take these things out and thrash them, there durable and and a total blast to the ears...!
750 Sport Disc1974214-0504214-0504First sold in Germany. Seen on eBay
750 Sport1974214-0377214-0536First sold in Holland. First sold to the importer Piet Van Dijk in Holland. Stayed in Holland until 2012 and then went to the United States. Currently owned by Tim Mullins in Keswick, VA, USA.1974-05-28
750S1972214-0212214001214001 was the first frame number and was a prototype. The motorcycle was mated with engine # 214-0212 in 21 July 1972! Falloon notes.
750S1970214-009214006Built - 27/22/70 Fibreglass tank with the filler on the left side. Courtesy Cycle World - Falloon notes
750S1970214002214009First sold in UK. Sold to Circle Motors - UK
750 Sport Drum Brake197221401092140108BonhamsStaffordAuction
750S1970214-004214011Built 2/10/70 - Falloon notes
750 Sport197221401072140115Bimota-modified
750S1972214-01352140136one of the last to feature the early 600 based engine.
750 Sport Drum Brake197221401222140155First sold in Australia.
750s197221401712140171For sale on Jan 2014 75K eurosUnusual but possible for frame and engine numbers to be the same.
750S1971214017214018Build date 15/9/71
750 Sport Drum Brake197221401852140193
750S1972214-02512140221First sold in London. 1st sold to Gus Kuhn in London - Falloon notes
750GT1972214-02342140228This is the second GT built - 15/9/72 - 2 months after the first one.
750S19732140245This was the first frame for 1973. Falloon notes
750S1972214-02662140262Built November 1972. Received updated factory parts in 1974. Falloon notes
750S19722140324The was the final frame number for 1972. Falloon Notes
750GT2140325Frame homologation #DGM10791 OM Falloon Notes
750GT1972214-02752140326Built November 1972
750s Disc Brake19742140337First sold in Netherlands. Converted to racer
750GT1973214-04042140343Built 1/8/1973 Featured a Grimeca front drum brake. Falloon notes.
750GT197321404072140345First sold in Australia.
750GT197421404042140346First sold in Australia.
750 Sport21403062140359
750S1973214-04002140416First sold in London. Built 26/7/73 Sold to Gus Kuhn
750S1971214-039214042Built - 30/10/71 Falloon notes
750 Sport21404582140436
750 Sport197421404412140441First sold in Spain. SPAIN
750s197321404052140445First sold in Netherlands.
750GT1972214-054214045Built - 6/7/72 This is recorded as the 1st GT built - sent to Schneider in Baden-Baden. Falloon notes
750S19732140469This was the final frame number for 1973. Falloon Notes
750S1974214-04712140470Built March 1974 with EPM wheels and disc brakes. Falloon notes
750S1971214-043214048Sold to the great F1 driver Jacky Ickx of Belgian. Falloon Notes Jacky is a 6 time winner of LeMans and won 8 GPs. Aull notes
750 GT197421404352140495IntheUSA
750 Sport Disk Brake197421405052140501Netherlands
750s Disc Brake197421405332140513First sold in Australia.
750s disk brake1975214-05532140513First sold in Holland. 1975-06-18
750 GT converted to SPORT19742140518Sold by Softhbys in 2017 for 101.790VILLA ERBA 2017 Moto-Icons: From Caf Racer to the Superbike. Half an hours drive away from Villa Erba lies the town of Verghera, home to the Meccanica Verghera Agus
GT197421404592140523First sold in PORTUGAL. 1975-04-29
GT 750197421404592140523
MV AGUSTA 750GT19722140525First sold in SPAIN. SPAIN
750GT1974214-04902140526Built in 1974 but not sold until 1975. This is the final GT built. Falloon notes
750S19742140533MV4C752140533DGM10791 Falloon notes
750S1974214-05482140542First sold in Italy. Falloon notes
750s Disc Brake197421405702140559First sold in Australia. Now in New Zealand
750s Disk1974214-05892140574
750 Sport Disc197421405592140575First sold in SouthAfrica. BonhamsAuctionApril2005
750s Disc Brake197521405542140578
750 Sport197521406082140620In UK. VERY late 750s!
750S197421405922140623Carried DGM stamp 10791 Falloon notes
750S1972214064Frame numbers for 1972 began with 214064. Falloon Notes
750s Disc Brake19742140655First sold in Europe.
750s1971214-073214083I am looking for additional information
750S1972214-087214084First sold in BobJaneinAustralia. Built 15 Jan 1972 - this was a black example - black frame, seat, tank & side covers. Falloon notes
750 s1972mv agusta214086First sold in france.
350s Ipotesi19772160171621601081First sold in Australia. Believed to be a 1977, however has an earlier frame number, so perhaps an engine replacement in its past life
350 S Ipotesi19772160211121601750First sold in Perth Australia.
Ipotesi 350 GT19782160184321602075First sold in Australia.
350s ipotesi1975216006216036First sold in italy. oldestknown
125 Sport19772180186421802137
125 sport197521803552180235First sold in Italy. Now in the UK1975-07-02
MV125 Sport1977*MV125SE*218024192180901First sold in Italy.
Cento Valli221-0380221-0251Holland
800 America221-0205221-0285Sold new in Holland, Now in Germany
750s America1977221-0395221-0563This bike spent much of its life in Japan. Brought to theUS in 2000. Very late engine perhaps the last
800 America221-0153221-094InHolland
750s America1975221001First sold in USA. Original mule - tested by Jim Cotherman at C&D Motors
750s America1975221018221002First sold in USA. 1st off production line after test mule 221001
750S America1975221-0012210051st America and tested by Cycle Magazine.
750s America1975221007First sold in USA.
750s America1975221007221010First sold in USA.
750s America197722100902210100First sold in MilwaukeeUSA.
750S America2210101
750s America197522101492210103First sold in USA. Imported from Australia
750s America19752210112First sold in Europe.
750 america1978221750 a2210116
750s America221012221012
750s America22101792210120
750s America22101702210124
750 Sport221013221013
750s America221014221014850SS
750s America221042221016
750 Sprt Drum Brake197222101562210162First sold in Australia.
800ss Super America197622101572210194First sold in Germany. 1976-04-19
750s America221020221020
750 America197622102022210205Bike is in Germany, with German Documents
750s America221044221021850SS
750s America22102102210214
750s America19752210215First sold in Netherlands.
850SS197822101142210218First sold in Australia. Imported to Australia and First registered in Qld Australia, March 1979. Still in Qld Australia by current owner.
750s America221022221022
750s America221024221024850SS
750s America197522102302210242First sold in Netherlands.
750s America197522103412210257First sold in Netherlands.
Target197722102172210261TARGET DESIGN BIKE No.1 from Harald Thurner
750s America221028221028850SS
750s America221031221031850SS
850 SS 1977221-033221033On eBay Jan. 2012
750s America197522103382210337First sold in Netherlands.
750 S America19772210345First sold in Germany. 1977-09-21
750s America221037221037850SS
America 750s197622102892210377First sold in USA. For sale on eBay 06/09 with 60 miles. Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
750 America S197622103552210379First sold in SouthAfrica. I am third owner. It is in showroom condition with 21000km and I have spare wheels tank sidecovers exhausts seat pistons gaskets and numerous other spares including tools manuals and owners book.
1000S CORONA1980221-01822210395DGMFirst sold in MrHayashiinJapan. I think mine is the last of the twelve built. Japanese industrialist Mr Hayashi ordered both a Corona and an 1100 Grand Prix which he displayed in the Fuji MotorMuseum in Japan. The museum closed in 1
750s America1975221040221040First sold in USA.
750s America1975221041221041First sold in USA.
750 America S1976221-014221042First sold in Wayne NJ USA. This was my Dads bike that he bought for himself he owned a bike dealership that only sold eurobikes We sold some 19 MVs after this one I assembled and test rode EVERY one of them Dad is gone now BUT1975-09-15
750 america197722105512210420First sold in uk. 1977-09-14
Magni 861197722104852210425First sold in UK. Frame number is for an MV frame not a Magni. Advertised on Stafford Classic Bike Auction
750s America197722103592210434First sold in Australia.
750s America1975221044First sold in USA. Magni Exhaust, chain drive
750s America22102932210440
750S America197722104072210449First sold in Sweden. Always a Swedish bike, 3710km since new, have only been used 6 summers, last 1985.1978-02-21
750 S America1976221045InUSAwith299miles
800 ss Super Daytona America19782210460First sold in Germany. 6 Spoke Magnesium Wheels4-1 ExaustBrembos like Ago/Corrona/GP
750S America1976221-03182210466First sold in UK. Sold new in UK and NEVER used. 200 original miles, still brand new with original tyres and battery! Currently in Italy, put in working conditions keeeping all the old parts.
900S Arturo Magni Cento Valli197822106272210467First sold in Germany. Imported to UK in 1989 Originally Supplied by Roland Schneider of Schneider Hansen
750s America22103042210468
850 SS1977221047intheUSAlistedastheSilvermanbike2400miles
750s America221043221048850SS
750s America22103202210482
750s America221047221049
America19762210490First sold in Netherlands.
750 America19762210511First sold in Netherlands. 1976-07-02
750s America197722103052210531First sold in Australia.
750 s197722104202210551First sold in england.
750s America22103952210563
750S America19752210600MC4C75
750s America1975221061First sold in Australia.
850ss1977221080221074First sold in Australia.
750 S America1977221091First sold in Germany. First sold in Germany, then in Netherlands and now in France, 6000 km
750s America1977221425221474First sold in Netherlands. 1977-02-24
Minibike Racing 50197n/a2220 0450First sold in SteinachDE. 8" wheel model Frame number only known because ex factory Dymo label is stil lin place
Disco Volante19574736195405646/35
Cst 175404738T406304Import from italy on the 90 s If any knows Info about yearmodel i will be greatful
CSS 1751955450390/5V410031/5VCompetitione Super Sport
175 cstl411474
175 CSTL1956411220414433
415029418616I am looking for information about the model
175 CS sport 1955473494S419248SFirst sold in UK. UK reg 70M MV - I think this was an official Uk bike but maybe it was imported in 1995 since then it has 2 owners - totally original with good original paint / mechnicals - well looked after by a tru1955-01-01
Disco Volante402315419631Australia
175 CSGT ?1957415494419700First sold in Italy. Many part of the engine are stamp 0457 or 0557
CSCT 1751956415571419865
125 Sport19765902821006inItaly
125 TR1954603337603461InFrance
1956617790 S617797
??623583623481Just picked this bike up could be a 125 around 1958 any help identifying it before I start sorting it out much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
644191644289I am looking for information about the model
125 GTLS1969657476659775InAustralia
125 GTLS657917660234INAustralia
175924472922429Aany information appreciated email
175???92101492276 ACan anyone tell me what year the bike is? Is this a Tourismo?
17557922901923651Complete and waiting restoration Still not sure which model it is though
REGOLARITA/CROSS924519924444Presumably MV Agusta Regolarita ...
350 Ipotesi197821601559BE 21601158Mnster/Germany
350 Ipotesi21601575BE21601700
235 Tevere1959235043MV-T235184locatedinAustralia
125 Sport1975218014MV125SE 2inAustralia
350 SE1974216 01881MV350BE21301852First sold in Italy. actual location Germany1974-04-01
350B216 0636MV350BE2130625First sold in Italy. 6V Sport
350B216 06457MV350BE21306448First sold in Italy. primary GT modified to SE
350 S Ipotesi1975216 01029MV350BE216 0552First sold in Germany. 1976-04-28
750 Sport19722140114MV4 - 214095First sold in FRANCE. Built 1972-03-14.Imported into France by GAREAU1972-04-06
750 Sport1972MV4214060
750 Sport Drum Brake1970214 010MV4C75 214 007First sold in Sweden. Imported 1971 by Moto EJF Import Sweden(Eric Ferdinansen),in the mid-1970s acquired by Ove Johanson/exhibited in MC collection Museum;sold 2019 in Las Vegas to a Beverly Hills collection;sold October 1971-01-30
750 Sport1972MV750BE2140289First sold in Germany. 1973-07-13
150 GT871102MVGT64728InAustralia
125 GT1970MV-657662MVGT657662In Australia
125 GT1897657795MVGT660075First sold in Australia.
125 GT1971657784MVGT6604?5First sold in Australia.
125 GTL1968MV-655954MVGTL657996First sold in Belgium. Recently bought to be restored1968-08-08
150GTL1971MV656467MVGTL658436Any info most welcome, V5C states 150cc bore size of 52.8mm indicates 125.
125 GTLS1970MV657855MVGTL6602inAustralia
Rapido 125 51RS852546Dutch motorcycle 1951-07-10
125 GTL1968657244XXXXXXFirst sold in Germany. Color: SILVER

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